Tool Room Attendant

Job Details

Tool Room Attendant

Mayport, Florida




Job Description

The Tool Repair Technician is responsible to maintain General Dynamic’s tools in an operational and issuable condition. Education/Training Typically has a High School Degree or equivalent, plus an electrical background, plus a minimum of ((1) years directly related experience; working in a shipyard environment.

Required Experience:

A. Knowledge in:

  1. Understanding of marine and industrial materials, equipment and tools for purpose of accurate identification.
  2. Background in tool repair and electrical safety.
  3. High School degree or equivalent.

B. Skills in:

  1. Minimum 1 years experience working in tool repair and electrical safety.
  2. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication skills.
  3. Able to lift 50 lbs.
  4. Able to learn and effectively use company accounting and tool tracking software.

Working Relationship

Report to the Tool Room Supervisor. Works in a team environment with other Tool Room Personnel. Maintains internal contact with Engineering, Estimated, Warehouse, Storeroom, Integrated Logistics Support, Production, and Quality Assurance. External contact maintained with NASSCO Suppliers and Customers. This position has no reports.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Tool inspection, tool repair, electrical safety checks, and tracking of material condition in Tool Track.
  • Assure compliance with company tool policy.
  • Inspect all materials and equipment received and verify for correctness of shipment against purchase orders, packing slips and other shipping documents, Objective Quality Evidence and Certificate of Compliances or other validating information
  • Inspect all tool shipments received for damage and document same; report damage to the appropriate parties.
  • Document and serialize new tools for tracking purposes in Tool Track.

MUST be eligible for DBIDS badge and HAVE OSHA 10 hour maritime and fire watch certification, IN HAND.



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