1st Class Pipe Fitter

Job Details

1st Class Pipe Fitter

Bremerton, Washington




Job Description

  • Installs and maintains ships’ piping systems such as steam, heat and power, hot water, hydraulic, air pressure, and oil lines following blueprints, layouts and work orders and using hand tools and shop machines.  
  • Plans layout of pipe sections, cuts and bores holes in bulkheads and decks for installation of pipes.  
  • Operates shop machines to cut and thread pipe and pipe fittings, including valves, traps and thermostats.  
  • Bends pipe to specified shape bolts on pipe-bending fixtures, bolts or welds brackets to support pipe systems.  
  • Connects pipes to fixtures such as heat exchangers, laundry and galley equipment, pumps, tanks and other ship equipment.  
  • Repairs, packs and adjusts valves.  
  • Tests installed systems for leaks and to ensure that system meets specifications.  
  • Performs other related tasks as assigned, some of which may become essential to the position.

Essential Job Tasks:

  1. Read and understand blueprints and spool sheets for application to assign task
  2. Set up work area with appropriate tools and materials in shop or on board ship.
  3. Cut, bend, weld, braze, grind, and/or burn pipes to fit and connect for ship board installation.
  4. Install and/or remove pipe.
  5. Inspect and tag out piping systems; air tests tanks/voids; hydrostatically test the piping system and equipment.
  6. Other duties as may be assigned relevant to the trade.

Job Requirements:

  • High school or equivalent education preferred. 
  • Two years on the job training in pipefitting or minimum three years of experience is required.  
  • Knowledge of basic marine piping systems, blueprint readings, silver-brazing procedures and military specifications.  
  • Must be able to perform marine pipefitting, bending, burning, and read blueprints and follow exact tolerances.  
  • Must be able to work at heights, in confined spaces, and on any assigned shift.  
  • Must comprehend written and verbal instructions (in English). 
  • Must be able to hear warning signals, read and comprehend safety instructions, regulations and warnings.

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