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QA Inspector - NDT

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The effort described in this Subcontractor Statement of Work (SOW) pertains to the Sustainment Phase of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Program and the roles and responsibilities of the Parties.Subcontractor will execute the Quality Management System (QMS), ensuring all maintenance onboard assigned ship's is in compliance with QMS, NAVSEA Standard Items and all other contract requirements.Subcontractor shall provide Quality Assurance Support for maintenance actions onboard LCS ships. The support will include oversight of maintenance performed by all subcontractors. The effort will support the Engineering Support Services (ESS) team for the Littoral Combat Ship program.


The scope within this Statement of Work (SOW) addresses tasking expected to be completed from May 5, 2020 through Oct 31, 2021.

Position Tasks:

  • Ensure all maintenance, planning, reporting and other germane activities comply with NAVSEA Standard Items 009-04 and all other contractual requirements. 
  • Specific responsibilities include:
    • Utilize own, and government systems to successfully execute responsibilities.
    • Utilizing work specifications to develop and maintain test and inspection plans (TIP). 
    • The TIP will include all checkpoints/callouts within the work spec and any applicable checkpoints/callouts in referenced standard items. 
    • Revises and updates the TIP throughout the availability to include any added, revised or canceled work items, etc.
    • Maintain objective quality evidence.
    • Certify the completion of maintenance tasks.
    • Report the status of all efforts.
    • Assists in condition found report (CFR)) fully describes the customer requirements including the quality (i.e. system, processes, test and technical documentation).
    • Conduct random, frequent Spot checks subcontractors and employee performance of tasks to ensure compliance with quality, safety and environmental protection requirements.
    • Any additional tasks must be defined before assignment by the ESS Lead and is subject to further agreement by the Parties. 
    • Conduct NDT requirements utilizing MIL –STD’s and NAVSEA Standard items. 
    • Must be experienced in Level 2 VT, MT, PT (UT-T a plus) inspections in accordance with NSTP-271. 
    • Successful candidate will have experience reviewing and working with Technical Work Documents, a strong familiarity with NAVSEA Standard Items, MIL-SPECS, and TECH PUBS. 
    • Must have strong familiarity with welder/brazer qualification requirements. 
    • Must be able to read and interpret blueprints.   

Personnel, Travel, and Overtime Personnel:

  • One full time Quality Inspectors/Engineers will be co-located with the ESS team at a Government facility on Navy Base Mayport, FL or at designated shipyards. The personnel must be able to conduct in-process inspections and surveillances of ship's work in progress: Facilities Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Navy PCP’s. Maintain ship project records and prepare reports as required. Must possess the following: Navy background, ISO knowledge, and computer skills in Word, Excel and Access. Navy Marine Engineering experience is required.Specialize in the performance of or project representative over operations established to certify critical elements of structural, mechanical, and electrical Shipyard operations and inspections supporting the quality and reliability of products in accordance with local and NAVSEA requirements.
  • Coordinate individual projects considering quality requirements and production schedules, and accomplish these tasks, or direct the efforts of assigned individuals which may include subordinate Quality Assurance Specialists and inspectors.Functions as a Quality Assurance Office project representative on local ship project teams and as the designated Shipyard Quality Representative at off-yard sites.
  • Responsible for non-nuclear efforts in accomplishing quality related certification functions supporting Level I and Subsafe requirements on assigned availabilities. To perform this role successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.
  • Required Education: High school diploma or GED
  • Required Experience: Minimum 6 years of experience and/or combination of education and experience (Navy/Marine Engineering related).
  • Required Skills:
    • Able to read and explain blueprints/specifications, instructions and understand oral and written instructions.
    • General knowledge of shipboard work with the ability to read blue prints, interpret government & ABS requirements, and must possess the skills to visually inspect all welds. The ability to work without supervision in high pressure situations, maintain equipment inventory. Well organized, highly motivated professional with excellent oral and written communication skills. Required to interface with Trade Supervisors, Ship Superintendents, and Customer Representatives regarding quality issues.
    • Ability to handle multiple assignments read and interpret customer specifications requirements. The individual must have a strong background of Governments specifications, work specification requirements, in NAVSEA Standard Items, Mil Specs, Microsoft office, and a thorough understanding of Quality Assurance. Required to interface with Ship Superintendents, Planning Department and Customer Representatives. Also  required  to  develop  a  QA  Test  and  Inspection  Plan  for  this contract. Perform and document in-process and final inspections as required by the contract  inspections plan.
    • Require monitoring of personnel and subcontractor in-process work and be able to document deficient work on an Internal Deficiency Report and follow up on corrective actions taken.
    • Must be experienced in Level 2 VT, MT, PT (UT-T a plus) inspections in accordance with NSTP-271. Shall have experience reviewing and working with Technical Work Documents, a strong familiarity with NAVSEA Standard Items, MIL-SPECS, and TECH PUBS. Must have strong familiarity with welder/brazer qualification requirements. 
    • Must be able to read and interpret blue prints.
    • Must be able to provide valid Certifications and Pass Background and Drug Screen
    • Must be interested and willing to do hands-on work.
    • Subcontractor shall provide resumes and notify the Subcontract Manager, in writing, 30 days in advance of a change of any of personnel. Communicate or coordinate with the ESS team leader for any activities required outside the scope of this effort that will impact this effort, such as absences for personal matters, training requirements, etc.

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