Shipyard - Pipe Department Leadman

Job Details

Shipyard - Pipe Department Leadman





Job Description

  • Work will be performed on ships in all stages of repair and modernization.
  • Pipe welders will cut/torch and weld metal surfaces or pipe using various types of welding equipment.
  • Weld processes may be performed on various materials in the shop/on table as well as onboard the ship/in position.
  • Welding is performed on a wide variety of materials/Ferrous and Non-Ferrous utilizing an even wider range of welding processes, such as GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, and GMAW.
  • Weld components in a flat, vertical, or overhead positions.
  • Set up welding machines based on the job at hand.
  • Provide a great level of attention to detail and focus on the given task.
  • Keep work areas clean and organized and take proper care of all equipment and facilities.
  • Ensure work is done safely and meets quality standards.
  • Marine pipefitters are assigned to remove, repair, target, layout, fabricate, install and test marine piping systems onboard ships in various stages of repair and modernization.
  • Installs different types of sizes of pipe and related materials and equipment, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications.
  • Plans installation or repair to avoid obstructions and to avoid interfering with activities of other workers.
  • Repair and replacement of ships' piping systems such as auxiliary salt water, fire main, potable water, hydraulic, compressed air, fuel oil, lube oil, engine exhaust, and more.
  • Necessary fabrication abilities include the use of various shop equipment such as table saws, pipe threading machines, bending machines (power as well as hand operated), drill presses and brazing equipment.
  • Bends, cuts, threads, shapes, fabricates, and installs pipe according to job specifications.
  • Conducts pressure test of piping installations. Checks and adjusts controls, gauges, and valves to achieve control of flow or pressure.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Must have 10+ years of recent experience working in a shipyard in the Pipe Department
  • Must be able to supervise and direct a team as needed.
  • Must be able to pass all administered tests prior to being hired for the position.
  • Experience fitting carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper nickel pipe.
  • Must possess a good general knowledge of ship repair procedures and test requirements.
  • Must possess a working knowledge of pipe fitting and welding techniques.
  • Must be able to read blueprints.
  • Must be able to comprehend instructions, drawings, and general correspondence.
  • Must have a working knowledge of ship repair terminology and ship compartment naming convention.
  • Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.
  • Must be physically and medically capable to wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the job as prescribed under OSHA standards. PPE may include hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe shoes, goggles, respirator, safety harness, safety line, flotation gear, etc.

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