Sewing Tech I

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Sewing Tech I

Phoenix, Arizona




Job Description

The Sewing Operator II performs sewing production labor as outlined in the work instructions and is responsible for performing a variety of sewing/production tasks with the intent of meeting production requirements. These activities include but are not limited to sewing/assembly per the work instructions. 


Constructs end-use products using various materials. The work is performed in a moderate to fast paced environment, is repetitive in nature, is detailed, requires critical adherence to established quality levels while requiring completion of task within time frame assigned and workspace allowed. Performs sewing production tasks utilizing provided machinery, tools, workstations, and templates per work instructions as required.

Sets up and performs tasks with industrial sewing machines. Conducts self-inspection/evaluation of processes performed to ensure required and/or expected results have been achieved per work instructions or guidance.

  • Fully understands and uses calibrated tools (rulers, scales, etc.).
  • Identifies materials needed for job order, per route cards and/or bills of material notes on drawings.
  • Performs self-inspection to ensure products meet requirements as noted in drawings and route card work instructions.
  • Interprets drawings (internal and external), route cards, bills of material, and detailed work instructions.
  • Fabricates sewing and cutting templates from blueprints and sketches.
  • Identifies and maintains product and lot integrity.
  • Accurately records data in production logs and completes related paperwork. 
  • Sews and binds assemblies including restraint systems and other related components.
  • May assist in the assembly process of a wide variety of products such as parachutes, seat covers, lap belts, shoulder harness of both prototype and production designs.
  • Presents First Article to Quality Auditors for in-process inspection.

Skills Required: 

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in a sewing manufacturing environment, or approved equivalent of education/experience. 
  • Ability to use both hands for manipulating, handling, and constructing required items.
  • Ability to operate a single & double needle machine.
  • Ability to operate grommet and snap machines.
  • Ability to operate a bar tack and binder.
  • Ability to sew various types of machine stitching.
  • Ability to perform repetitive duties.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.

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