Competent Person

Job Details

Competent Person

Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description

  • Must be certified as a competent person.
  • Must be able to identify, fill out and post appropriate CP log.
  • Must be a qualified staging competent person.
  • Must be able to read and understand a marine chemist certification.
  • Must be able to perform CP/confined space/enclosed space checks and complete CP log.
  • Must assist with tank opening and closing, as well as tank closing checkpoints/G points.
  • Must understand the requirements of cleanliness levels.
  • Must have good housekeeping skills.
  • Must be able to identify safety hazards.
  • Must have knowledge of hot work requirements, rules and regulations.
  • Must be familiar with applicable NAVSEA Standard Items and OSHA standards.
  • Must know how to use and take care of hand tools.
  • Must be WAF trained.
  • Must be able to perform their job safely.
  • Must know what P.P.E. to use and when.
  • Must be able to navigate a ship and understand compartment designation.
  • Must understand ship nomenclature.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Must be DBIDS eligible.
  • Must have your own reliable transportation.
  • Must have active, non-expired certification.

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