Production Planner

Job Details

Production Planner

Anaheim, California




Job Description

  • Plans, prepares, issues and controls production schedules and coordinates with material requirements to ensure a controlled flow of approved materials timed to meet production requirements.
  • Advises management of the status of work in progress, material availability, and potential production problems to ensure that personnel, equipment, materials and services are provided as needed. 
  • Confirms material supply and demands, prepares work orders or purchase requests for the production or purchase of components or parts based on a master production schedule, shop load and inventory requirements. 
  • Coordinates interdepartmental activity with quality assurance, manufacturing, purchasing, engineering, inventory control, traffic, etc.; schedules and expedites the movement of parts by means of move orders, stock transfers and requests for shipping orders. 
  • Supports other planners with assigned duties. 

Major Functions:

  • Production Planners are responsible for planning, releasing, monitoring, rescheduling, updating and closure of their work orders. 
  • Check availability of raw material, component parts and sub-assemblies prior to releasing work orders. 
  • Initiate work orders in accordance with MRP scheduling requirements or Repair requirements. 
  • Perform order maintenance for routing changes, alternate operations, alternate parts and order closure. 
  • Check on progress of work in process through the MRP system and expedite as required. 
  • Prepare and maintain shortage reports, identify potential problem and communicate requirements and status of supply orders. 
  • Work closely with Production, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Engineering, Purchasing and Program Management Departments and others in Material Control to monitor production schedules and work in process. 
  • Perform maintenance on supply orders as required to support schedule changes. 
  • Provide part planning and inventory control parameters to the control system for make items. 
  • Expedites flow of materials, parts, and assemblies within or between departments in accordance with production and shipping schedules. 
  • Assists in determining possible and actual shortages. 
  • May initiate action to correct these deficiencies. 
  • Uses knowledge of production, procurement, and engineering departments to alert proper authorities regarding potential problems and appropriate remedial action. 
  • Contribute suggestion toward the continuous improvement of the Company’s systems and procedures. 
  • Incumbents are responsible for and authorized to carry out assigned duties. Other duties as assigned.

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