Aircraft Structures Mechanic I

Job Details

Aircraft Structures Mechanic I

Saint Augustine, Florida




Job Description

  • Performs a variety of operations to assemble and make major assembly structures such as fuselage panels and bulkheads, and structural subassemblies such as rudders, flaps, and stabilizers. 
  • Aligns parts on jigs using templates and fixtures. Performs such minor part-fitting operations as filing, sawing, burring, crimping, trimming, framing, riveting, drilling, and reaming. Measures parts with micrometers and calipers to verify dimensions. 
  • May modify incomplete and complete assemblies to incorporate changes to structure. 
  • May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.

Candidate Requirements: 

  • High School diploma or equivalent and 0 years additional education and/or related experience.

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