Shipfitter 1st Class

Job Details

Shipfitter 1st Class

Jacksonville, Florida




Job Description

  • Be able to plan and complete work with little supervision using blueprints.
  • Be knowledgeable in layout or plates, pipes and structural shapes, including flat layouts and complex layouts involving projection and compound angles.
  • Be knowledgeable of ship related nomenclature and be able to locate structures in relationship to frames, longitudinal stringers, center lines, etc.
  • Know weld symbols and how they apply to material preparation for welding.
  • Skills should include tack welding, burning, use of various power tools such as shears, saws, presses, etc.
  • Must be capable of making templates as needed for fabrications and/or installation of ship structures.
  • Must be capable of assembling foundations, deck houses, and specialized structures for all areas of the ship.
  • Must know the guide lines of 5 S and be aware of the standard items.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working as a Ship Fitter in a shipyard.
  • Must have or be eligible for DBIDS badge and OSHA 10 hour maritime.
  • Must be able to pass background check and drug test.

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