Trainer III - Machinist Instructor

Job Details

Trainer III - Machinist Instructor

Newport News, Virginia




Job Description

  • Plans, develops, and coordinates in-house product training programs for field support personnel and customers. 
  • Obtains information needed to prepare in-house training programs; prepares training materials; develops course content; determines methodology; and coordinates the development of training aids. 
  • Conducts training sessions and develops criteria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities. 
  • May utilize trainers with technical expertise. 
  • Continuously revises lesson plans to meet new training requirements and to keep technical information up to date.
  • Complete understanding and application of principles, concepts, practices, and standards. 
  • Full knowledge of industry practices.
  •  Independently demonstrates the skill and ability to perform fairly complex professional tasks.

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in related field.
  • Extensive knowledge of pipefitting / machinist basic skills.
  • Fundamental computer skills (Microsoft Office, Time Keeping).
  • Experience instructing new employees of the basics skills of pipefitting / machinist.
  • Must pass a 7 year background check.
  • Must be able to pass hair follicle drug test.

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