Meter Specialist

Job Details

Meter Specialist

Jacksonville, Florida




Job Description

  • Under direct oversight, reads, connects and disconnects water meters and self-contained electric meters, operates Itron meter reading system including hand held devices, removes dirt and water from meter boxes, performs general repair of meter box lids, wires and batteries, detects and reports theft/tampered services, installs and replaces water, reclaim water, self-contained electric meters and services.
  • Solves routine or recurring problems and identifies and suggests solutions to more complex problems. Completed work is evaluated for technical accuracy and compliance with established procedures and practices.
  • Regular contact with individuals in other work groups and external customers is required to obtain, clarify or provide facts or information.
  • Investigates and reports abnormal service conditions.
  • Conducts and documents field investigations and communicates findings to internal and external customers.
  • Performs field checks and reports necessary corrections for crossed meters and other meter related record defects.
  • Connects and disconnects self-contained electric, water and reclaim water services at the meter or other applicable locations.
  • Repairs or replaces ancillary meter related equipment, including adjacent piping, meter boxes, meter bases and other infrastructure.
  • Removes, installs, repairs and replaces self-contained electric, water, and reclaim water meters and services.
  • Reads and interprets meter reading data from a variety of sources, enters required data into applicable devices or systems, notes irregularities pertaining to services, such as dead meters, illegal use of electricity or water, incorrect rates and unsafe or illegal installations and reports findings to proper departments.
  • Verifies and documents meter locations, crossed meters, and meter numbers for billing purposes.
  • Reads and verifies RF meters from specially designed equipment.
  • Cleans and digs out water meter boxes.
  • Responds to customer inquiries and resolves meter-related problems.
  • Locates and documents possible meter tampering, diversion, and theft of electric, water, wastewater, and reclaim water services.
  • Works in inclement weather unless excused by their supervisor.
  • Performs other job-related work as assigned.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screening

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