Test Coordinator

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Test Coordinator

Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description


  • Reports to the Test & WAF Manager.
  • Professional working relationship with the QA Supervisor, Project Team members, Production Manager, and with key Production personnel such as Foremen and Lead Men.


  • Review the work items to determine what tests and inspections are required for a given Project work item, including checkpoints listed in applicable NAVSEA Standard Items as referenced by the Project work items.
  • Obtain a copy of and review the Test & Inspection (T&I) Plan from Quality Assurance for each Project.
  • Obtain a copy of any special T&I requirements from the government for each Project’s work item.
  • Write and maintain a Test and Trials Schedule &Tracking Matrix.
  • Verify all Tests and Inspections for a given Project are completed satisfactorily and are properly documented in the T&I Plan.
  • Review the CFR database to verify all required test and inspection reports have been submitted and all accompanying required data and attachments are complete and the final tests and inspections are found Satisfactory.
  • Submit Work Completion Certification Report input data and T&I status to the Test & WAF Manager for each contractor-responsible work item.
  • Ensure all required DFSs are submitted and answered.


  • On-time meeting of Project Milestones final completion of each Project.
  • All government-required tests and inspections are completed on time and with a score of Satisfactory.
  • All T&I Required Reports are submitted on time and answered by the government in a timely manner.


  • Laptop or Desk PC
  • Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook; Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Remote access to company LAN and Internet when assigned to a mobile location.
  • Cell telephone when assigned to a mobile location.


  • Frequent: Extended hours (1-4 hours per week).
  • Occasional: Weekend work; 2nd Shift work.
  • Infrequent: Ride customer ship (1-3 days).

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