Construction Inspector II

Job Details

Construction Inspector II

Jacksonville, Florida




Job Description

Under limited supervision, inspects sewer and water line; overhead and underground electrical; pipe and appurtenance installation; and/or site rehabilitation projects, including concrete, asphalt and landscaping work completed by contractors and serves as a liaison between company, engineers, contractors and customers to ensure that work is in accordance with company specifications, City codes and State of Florida regulations and codes.


Job requires working knowledge of the principles, standards & techniques of construction management used in utility systems, sufficient to perform a range of varied, non-routine activities associated with inspection and testing of utility system infrastructure. Guidelines are available but are not always applicable to the work or have gaps in specificity, requiring judgment in interpreting; analyzing and adapting methods, techniques and procedures to specific cases or problems. Solves complex problems within established parameters and identifies and recommends responses to new or unusual circumstances. Completed work is inspected and tested for accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures. Regular contact with individuals in other work groups, contractors and customers is required to plan, coordinate or advise on work efforts or to resolve problems.

*Position will be required to Drive company vehicle (F150 Truck)


Job Duties Include:

  • Assigns, monitors and reviews the work of others.
  • Coordinates contractor construction work with utility infrastructure systems.
  • Performs testing of utility systems installed by contractors in accordance with company specifications and State of Florida regulations and codes.
  • Performs onsite quality control inspections of company utility systems including but not limited to sewer, water, reuse/reclaimed and chilled water; overhead and underground electrical; and/or site rehabilitation work performed by contractors to ensure compliance with contract specifications, company specifications and policy manuals; State of Florida regulations and codes; local municipal and county ordinance and codes; and OSHA requirements.
  • Performs limited engineering analyses, including grade calculations and pump performance tests.
  • Performs field engineering, surveying and construction layout, applying construction standards.
  • Makes decisions, implements engineering recommendations that affect plans, policies and methods of construction to ensure the successful completion of complex construction projects.
  • Coordinates collecting bacteriological samples for clearances and compliance.
  • Performs water & sewer outage simulations.
  • Reads and interprets engineering plans and blueprints and consults with senior engineers on plan changes.
  • Investigates and resolves field and construction related problems.
  • Operates field engineering equipment.
  • Reviews and verifies project related invoices and submits for payment.
  • Verifies water and sewer fee payments prior to providing inspection services.
  • Manages job updates, reschedules inspections and maintains daily log of all inspected projects.
  • Maintains daily work log.
  • Updates self permitting database daily
  • Composes correspondence & reports.
  • May conduct safety meetings, if required, and ensures that safety rules are enforced, safe work practices are encouraged and unsafe conditions and behaviors are corrected.
  • Operates standard office equipment and uses required software applications.
  • Performs other job-related work as assigned.

Candiate Requirements:

General Knowledge of:

  • Survey and grade setting in connection with construction projects.
  • General construction, including the principles, standards, techniques and materials used in the construction of streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters; sanitary and storm sewers; water lines; and overhead and underground electrical facilities.
  • Basic algebra and geometry.
  • Engineering methods, techniques & procedures.
  • Building and other technical codes used in underground utility construction.
  • Company construction standards book and approved materials list.
  • Company Safe Work Practices Manual.
  • Occupational hazards, OSHA safety rules and regulations and first aid.
  • Civil Service and Personnel Rules and Regulations and applicable labor agreements.


General Skill in:

  • Coordinating contractor construction work with other work groups.
  • Performing onsite quality control inspections of utility system construction and site rehabilitation projects.
  • Performing field engineering, surveying and construction layout.
  • Investigating and resolving field and construction related problems.
  • Operating field engineering equipment.
  • Reviewing and verifying billing records and information.
  • Composing correspondence and preparing reports.
  • Communicating effectively when working with contractors.
  • Reading construction plans.
  • Operating standard office equipment and using required software applications.


General Ability to:

  • Assign, monitor and review the work of others.
  • Oversee, coordinate and complete project assignments from the preliminary engineering stage through construction or study completion.
  • Make decisions and implement engineering recommendations.
  • Read, interpret and apply information from engineering plans and drawings, blueprints and construction drawings and specifications.
  • Conceptualize construction activities and communicate with individuals in utility management.
  • Evaluate changes required to complete construction projects in accordance with City standards.
  • Read, comprehend and apply technical information.
  • Organize and prioritize work in progress and manage multiple tasks with changing priorities.
  • Exercise independent judgment in solving problems, making decisions and recommendations.
  • Listen, understand and influence others in achieving project objectives.
  • Solve complex problems.
  • Enforce safety rules, encourage safe work practices, correct unsafe conditions and behaviors and administer first aid.
  • Read, write, and speak English.
  • Communicative effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
  • Comply with company Emergency Plans.


Water/Wastewater knowledge of:

  • Florida Department of Environmental Regulation (FDEP) rules and regulations.
    • FAC 62-555; 62-610; 62-604
  • Principles, standards and techniques used in operating water/wastewater/reuse treatment utilities.
  • Principles, standards & techniques of construction management as used in the water/wastewater/reuse treatment utility industry.
  • Company Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Design Guidelines.
  • Company Water, Wastewater Standards Manual.
  • Company Wastewater Pumps Station Standards.


Water/Wastewater skill in:

  • Performing engineering analyses, including grade calculations and pump performance tests.
  • Collecting bacteriological samples.
  • Performing water and sewer simulations.


  • High School diploma or equivalent and a minimum of six (6) years of utility construction and/or utility inspection experience. (Preferable in Electric, Water and/or Wastewater.)



  • A valid driver’s license is required prior to employment in this class and must be maintained during employment in this classification.


The following courses and certifications/licenses are preferred:

  • OSHA 10 Hour Compliance for Construction Trenching & Excavation Standards.
  • Confined Space Entry.
  • Competent Person Certification.
  • FDOT Traffic - Intermediate Level.
  • Florida Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector Certification.


Note: This job is safety sensitive – Performs hazardous/perilous work and/or works where the individual may cause harm to self or others.

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