Logistics Analyst I

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Logistics Analyst I

York, Pennsylvania




Job Description

  • Analyzes and interprets complex government/customer solicitation documents for LMI programs with no guidance; develops or assists in development of cost proposals and subcontractor and internal specifications for development/documenting of LMI ensuring compliance with contract and customer specifications. Leads LMI activities for assigned programs/projects as directed by LMI manager. 
  • Organizes and distributes assignments that provide technical direction and guidance to, and reviews work of, subcontractors and/or teams of logistics analysts to develop and produce LMI for assigned projects and programs to ensure compliance with contract specifications and standards for assigned contracts. 
  • Reviews final LMI deliveries. 
  • Researches new or modified designs of a complex nature and establishes maintenance and operational concept alternatives to support equipment. 
  • Identifies and performs detailed task analysis for complex operation, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. 
  • Defines support requirements for system under analysis. 
  • Establishes program-specific guidelines for LMI data entry based on customer tailoring of requirements and military specifications. 
  • Documents research results using quantitative and qualitative measures for LMI in compliance with guidelines. 
  • Establishes program-specific guidelines for LMI style and format based on customer requirements and military specifications. 
  • Develops technically accurate operator and maintenance procedures for complex designs using LMI reports, engineering drawings and other technical source data in compliance with guidelines. 
  • Collaborates in the development of troubleshooting logic trees for complex systems and subsystems. 
  • Coordinate with appropriate project management to ensure accurate, appropriate and timely development of illustrations. 
  • Prepares the ILS master schedule under direction of ILS manager, synoptic outlines, validation/verification plans, Logistic Demonstrations/Maintenance Demonstration (LD/MD) plans, LSA Plans and Technical Manual Plans. 
  • Participates in logistics review boards, LSAR reviews, provisioning reviews, technical manual in-process reviews, LD/MD and validation/verification as necessary. 
  • Maintains current knowledge of government requirements and state-of-the-art techniques for military LMI; develops and recommends modifications to processes; responds to inquiries concerning LMI practices and procedures. 
  • Leads presentations for government and customer representatives and respond to inquiries about LMI activities. 
  • May direct the work of less senior personnel.

Candidate Requirements: 

  • Detailed knowledge of applicable Military Standards used for development of LMI data. Ability to read engineering drawing. 
  • Ability to define and/or forecast support requirements. 
  • Familiar with logistics design influence. 
  • Familiar with automated test equipment and fault isolation techniques. 
  • Skilled with computer software and tools for LMI related activites. 
  • Ability to plan and document using LSA/LSAR, the development, testing and deployment of logistics resources, as an integral part of the acquisition process. 
  • Able to conduct external/internal customer meetings, validations/verifications, log demos, LSA/LSAR reviews, in-process reviews, etc.
  • Associate degree + 9 years of experience.
  • Military experience may be considered in lieu of formal education. 

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