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Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description

A Rigger must possess knowledge, skills, and abilities sufficient to perform a full range of rigging duties, considering factors such as size, shape, and location of the object and the availability and strength of overhead support structures.



  • Plan, lay out, assemble, repair, and install complex weight handling gear and various standing and running rigging
  • Have a thorough knowledge of rigging procedures and equipment
  • Move ship’s engines, generators, turbines, pumps, boilers, structural shapes, and plates, ordnance equipment such as bombs, torpedoes, and ammunition, and delicate electronic equipment such as sonar gear
  • There is a continuing requirement to test various gear for strength and safety. As required the rigger assists divers in salvage work, move salvage equipment and raise objects to be salvaged
  • Coordinate and arrange for the work of several trades in connection with performing work from information received from technical work documents, blueprints, specifications, written and/or oral instructions


  • Must be DBIDS eligible to work on Military bases
  • Must have 6+ years' of experience in a shipyard
  • Must have reliable transportation to get you to and from work daily (job assignments may be at multiple locations

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