Sheetmetal Handyman

Job Details

Sheetmetal Handyman

Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description

Job Description:

The Handyman is responsible for accomplishing work in accordance with work specifications, safety, with the highest quality, in a professional manner.  Regular, reliable attendance on-site is an essential function of the job.


Candidate Requirements:                 

  • Must be able to set up and break down equipment, including helping Journeymen run hoses; operate power tools; clean the work area and properly dispose of garbage, scrap and other material as directed by supervisor.
  • Must be able to accomplish the semi-skilled functions within the trade where assigned.
  • Must be able to check out, deliver, return and properly care for the required material and tools used in the trade.
  • Must be able to identify and use the equipment and tools used in the trade.
  • Must be able to perform preventive maintenance on shop machinery and equipment used in the employee’s trade, such as lubricating machinery, checking fluid levels in equipment or making minor adjustments as directed.
  • Must be able to organize, arrange and maintain order in stockrooms and other material staging areas.
  • Must be able to ensure that you are working as safely and as productively as possible, maintaining quality control at all times.
  • Must have good housekeeping skills and be able to maintain a clean, hazard-free work environment and to ensure that job site is left in a safe and clean condition prior to departure.
  • Must be able to follow established policies and procedures, including but not limited to time keeping procedures.
  • Must be fully aware of emergency and evacuation procedures, to include muster locations and the supervisors’ requirement to account for their personnel.
  • Must be able to work well with others.Must be able to understand and follow written and verbal instructions in English.
  • Must be able to perform job safely.
  • Must be able to recognize and avoid potential safety hazards.
  • Must know what personal protective equipment (PPE) to use and when.
  • Must be able to navigate a ship and understand compartment designation, where applicable.
  • Must have basic knowledge of math.
  • Must be DBIDS eligible.

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