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Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description

Job Description: 

  • Removing/Installing high temperature, anti-sweat foam plastic acoustical insulation, finishing cement, calcium silicate, and molded sectional fiberglass cloth.
  • Removing/Insulating of portable insulation pads associated with U.S. Naval Surface Ship and Submarine platforms in accordance with the requirements of NAVSEA Standard Item 009-11.
  • Possessing knowledge of the different types of insulation and lagging materials for the proper applications in accordance with applicable professional/trade standards and practices in a Shipyard or Marine Industrial written instructions.
  • Securing methods like wiring, pasting, and strapping along with having the ability of cutting, shaping, irregular bends for pipe, fittings, valve, and other equipment.
  • Select amount and type of insulation to be installed as well as method of securing (e.g. wiring, pasting, strapping, taping) according to shape of surface.
  • Knowledge of cutting and shaping irregular bends for pipe and equipment.
  • Knowledge of removing/installing calcium silicate, molded sectional, blanket fiberglass and preformed fiberglass.
  • Knowledge of the use of various adhesives used in the insulator trade.
  • Must be trained in typical trade related tools and instruments.
  • Experience with schematics and technical drawings.
  • Must be able to design and fabricate lagging pads.
  • Must be able to install lagging pads on pipe flanges, valves, ventilation systems, and engine exhaust systems.
  • Must be able fabricate miters out of calcium silicate.
  • Must be able to install calcium silicate and fabricated miters on properly.

Job Requirements:

  • Four (4) years of verifiable experience in an industrial environment i.e., shipbuilding, ship repair, or nuclear power plants performing Marine Insulator and Mechanical work independently 
  • Two (2) years of work experience on U.S. Navy ship/vessels.
  • Standard maritime training, OSHA 10 hour class.
  • U.S. citizenship is required.
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment background and drug screen
  • Must be DBIDS Elig; In-Hand Pref. 

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