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Electronic Tech

San Diego, California




Job Description


  • Performs electrical repairs and maintenance to the yard facilities, utilities, power distribution, and production equipment.  
  • Performs new installations and modifications to yard facilities, utilities, power distribution, and production equipment.  
  • Installs and removes temporary portable production support equipment, utility distributions, and other services on board ships and in the yard.  
  • Performs other related tasks as assigned, some of which may become essential to the position.



  • Inspects equipment to insure safe and reliable operations
  • Performs equipment service and repairs on equipment using the specified tools and test equipment.
  • Fills out various required reports and documentation, such as; work orders, inspection forms, discrepancy sheets, log books, and service forms.



  • Test equipment such as; pressure and flow gauges, voltage meter, current meter, megometer, tachometer, multimeter, infrared optics, sonic testers, circuit testers, high voltage testers, high pot, ground fault circuit testers, circuit tracers, etc. Other equipment installed meters and gauges.
  • Tools and work aids such as; soldering irons and guns, hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, bearing and gear pullers, hand and table saws, bench grinders, files polishers, port-a-powers, hand trucks, lifts, chain falls, tack welding equipment, jib cranes, man lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, conduit benders, tubing benders, crimpers, and bench vises and the use of the Oscilloscope.
  • Performs installations, repairs and maintenance on all electrical distributions throughout the facilities and on board the ships and barges.
  • Performs repairs to production equipment and portable production support equipment in the facilities and on-board ships and barges.  Production equipment is defined as equipment utilizing electrical switches relay logic type, and simple analog controls.
  • Trouble shoots more complex analog control and simple digital control circuits.
  • Isolate problems utilizing digital readouts and understanding error codes.

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