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Machine Operator

Delhi, Iowa




Job Description

Ameri-Force is seeking CNC Machine Operators to support our valued customers in Eastern Iowa in achieving their production objectives. CNC Operators will be responsible for operating and maintain CNC equipment under the direction of the Machinery Supervisor. Candidates who produce quality, safe and efficient work, a high level of reliability, and an excellent attitude will have the opportunity to be considered for permanent employment within the different organizations that we support. 



  • Using blueprint and job plan programs, set-up and layout job as assigned. 
  • Fabricate part(s) to blue print specification using appropriate machine(s) and process, such as; CNC Saws, CNC Tube benders, CNC Oxyfuel, Plasma and Laser. 
  • Monitor and adjust machine(s) for necessary changes, throughout run, to provide acceptable quality. 
  • Ability to operate general fabrication machining. 
  • Perform all 5S duties.
  • Maintain acceptable 5S standards. 
  • Perform all other duties, as required, to meet customer and company quality and productivity needs.
  • Understand & execute, if necessary, inventory paperwork & computer transactions. 


  • General plant, welding area; safety shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection required. 
  • Additional welding safety attire necessary. 
  • Good manual dexterity. 
  • Standing majority of shift. 
  • Mobility to move within department/plant as assigned. 
  • Must be able to lift 60 pounds with relative frequency. 


  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred. 
  • Good mathematical skills and ability to read tape measure and blue prints, dial caliper and tube micrometer. 
  • Must have a demonstrated skill level of machine operator. 


  • Candidates must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen. 
  • Candidates must have verifiable employment history in similar positions. 
  • Candidates must have a clean background to be considered for employment.

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