Fabrication Fitters

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Fabrication Fitters

Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description


  • Fitters are often called the "carpenters" of shipbuilding or "Artists of Steel". 
  • Fitters read, interpret, plan and execute from drawings and procedures. 
  • Fitters measure, cut, grind, fit, align and tack weld parts as small your finger nail to the large sub-assemblies and super lifts that form the structural body of the ship. 
  • Fitters must have strong math skills and a good mechanical aptitude. 
  • Fitters build in-place all interior structures, hatches, doors, bulkheads, etc., to complete all the steel work in the ship. 
  • Fitters are expected to climb and work in high areas or crawl and work in cramped confine spaces and perform tasks with all kinds of working conditions in-between. 
  • A fitter will apply their skills in the shops, platens, dry-docks and onboard ships in support of new construction, ship repair and ship overhauls.


  • Template creation.
  • Working with presses, floor shaping, forming plates, shaping from templates, marking symbols, doors, hatches and scuttles, rolls, presses and blacksmith shop.
  • Laying out blueprints and outfitting items.
  • Laying out blueprints, checking and fitting materials, tack welding of various sub-assemblies peculiar to the panel line and shell area such as decks, bulkheads, side shells.
  • Working on ship ways with the erection of units and installation of structural items.
  • Installation of structural outfit items, doors, ladders, foundations.
  • Effective sequencing of assembly and fitting.
  • Correct use of heating torches in plate heat straightening and shrinkage.
  • Ability to use hand and power tools.
  • Shop and field fabrication.
  • Adherence to industry codes, regulations, and specifications.
  • Comprehend blueprints, sketches, and templates.
  • Tack welding.
  • Install simple systems without templates and blueprints.
  • Bulkhead and deck inserting.
  • Riveted and deck inserting.
  • Read and understand the Chemist and Competent Persons report and determine if job sites, particularly those involving combustible material, are safe for personnel and hot work.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Understand and act upon instruction.
  • Work independently to complete responsibilities.

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