Header Operator 1st Shift (Local)

Job Details

Header Operator 1st Shift (Local)

Elyria, Ohio




Job Description

Primary Functions:

  • Set up and operate solid and open die headers, including progressive type headers and all associated production equipment.
  • Set up and operate thread rollers and other equipment associated with the heading operation.
  • Etch critical progressions and check for: seams, scratches, cold shuts, chevrons, ring in bearing surfaces and any other defects that will affect fatigue.
  • Complete dimensional inspection, including and not limited to contour tracing, profile tracing, critical radii tracing.
  • Interpret Macroscopic surface non-conformities and material flow defects.
  • Capability to master Cold Forming Trimming Operation.
  • Maintain high level of production integrity and controls.
  • Volume control, balance material flow and achieve proper flow-lines.
  • Must be familiar with tooling and be able to suggest tooling for new types of work.  
  • Participate in progression layout development, tool life improvements and quality advancements.

Related Activities:

  • Must be required to make minor fixtures, parts and accessories in order to facilitate the setup.
  • May be required to make minor repairs on equipment and assist with Maintenance Department in major repairs
  • Within the respective job description, responsible for box/container making, washing, packaging (including weigh up, labeling, sealing, wrapping), transport and store in inventory location – and maintaining appropriate documents.
  • Frequently inspects work to insure quality production.  
  • Uses proper gages and all of the above inspection techniques.


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