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Delhi, Iowa




Job Description

  • Inventory Planning/Authorization                                  
  • Determine production requirements by reviewing sales demand to current secondary Work In Process (WIP) 
  • Daily, make QAD maintenance entries as needed to remove leftover order balances. 
  • Communicate with Planner/Scheduler and Buyer for meeting customer delivery requirements.
  • Review inventory and production orders to meet customer delivery requirements while promoting manufacturing efficiencies.                                                                                    
  • For assigned manufactured products, determine customer promise dates, monitor production progress and identify potential delivery issues and works closely with Manufacturing, Planner/Scheduler, Purchasing, and Customer Service to resolve the issues.  
  • Schedule non-heading operations.                      

Customer Service/Commitments: 

  • Promptly assess customer delivery requests and determine best promise date commitment.                                 
  • Advise Supervisor when not able to make promise date commitments within standard lead time.                        
  • Monitor production progress and identify potential late shipments in advance.   
  • Advise Customer Service Representatives of re-promise dates when original promise date will not be met.                 

Production Scheduling: 

  • Determine order start and due dates.           
  • Review Dispatch Report to determine priorities and communicate to manufacturing team.                                         

Delivery Problem Resolution:

  • Address potential and actual delivery problems through effective communications and teamwork involving the following areas.
  • Determine outside operation time requirements.   
  • Customer demand requirements.                  
  • Review line down response plan determining best ship date.   
  • Production issues and analyze need for manufacturing overtime requirements. 
  • Product disposition status.
  • Advise with appropriate communication of unresolved delivery problems.            


  • Attend team meetings and actively participate and follow team guidelines.   
  • Assist and communicate effectively with co-workers and all levels, as needed. 
  • Work cooperatively to meet facilities’ and team objectives.                                                   

Safety and Housekeeping

  • Ensure work area is neat and orderly.                       
  • Comply with all company policies.  
  • Follow all established company safety procedures and report unsafe hazards or violations to Supervisor.          
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.            
  • Must be available to work overtime.              


Candidate Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills.                                   
  • Ability to work under pressure of time constraints.               
  • Good organizational skills. 
  • High School diploma or GED equivalent.   
  • Good math skills, ability to do quantitative analysis.                       
  • Demonstrated proficient keyboard ability.      
  • Knowledge of IATF16949 and ISO14001 requirements.


Preferred Requirements:

  • Personal computer experience.                                     
  • Knowledge of Production/Inventory Management procedures.   
  • Strong knowledge of manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment.    
  • Knowledge of fastener manufacturing.                              
  • Knowledge of manufacturing-related ERP systems.   

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