CNC Machine Operator

Job Details

CNC Machine Operator

Delhi, Iowa




Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and adjust machine(s) for necessary changes, throughout run, to provide acceptable quality. 
  • Ability to operate general fabrication machining. 
  • Perform all 5S duties. 
  • Using blue print and job plan programs, set-up and layout job as assigned. 
  • Fabricate part(s) to blue print specification using appropriate machine(s) and process, such as; CNC Saws, CNC Tube benders, CNC Oxyfuel, Plasma and Laser. 
  • Maintain acceptable 5S standards. 
  • Perform all other duties, as required, to meet customer and company quality and productivity needs. 
  • Understand & execute, if necessary, inventory paperwork & computer transactions. 

Experience/Education Required:

  • Good mathematical skills and ability to read tape measure and blue prints, dial caliper and tube micrometer. 
  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred. 
  • Must have a demonstrated skill level of machine operator.

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