1st Class Pipefitter

Job Details

1st Class Pipefitter

Norfolk, Virginia




Job Description

  • Read and interpret blue prints/sketches and install all piping systems with limited supervision.
  • Perform shop prefab on piping systems using sketches/templates developed from blue prints and ship check.
  • Know and understands tag out procedures for piping systems using sketches templates developed from blue prints prior to working on ships’ piping system. Be able to understand tagging out of systems safe for work IAW work authorization form (WAF).
  • Knowledgeable on pipe bending and able to bend piping manually or by machine (excluding mandrel type) using templates and sketches and packing pipe where required to avoid contortion.
  • Knowledge of P-1 and Level I piping systems.
  • Ability to hydrostatic test piping systems using approved hydro procedures.
  • Ability to fit and install mechanically attached fittings.
  • Ability to thread piping and to tap holes to proper sizes.
  • Ability to prep piping for welding using grinders or beveling machines and know/understand different types of bevels. Fit/install backing rings, E.B rings.
  • Install pipe hangers/supports IAW applicable hanger drawings.
  • Knowledge of various types of pipe and fitting materials and the proper material application in regards to piping system requirements.
  • Knowledge of MIL-STD-777 (the various types of pipe and fitting material and the proper material application in regards to piping system requirements.)
  • Ability to properly fit flanged joints to include proper gaskets and fasteners.
  • Knowledge of hot work.
  • Ability to set up and perform hot water flushing on sil-braze piping systems.
  • Be able to sil-braze. (Grade 3) if requested

Job Requirements:

  • Must have OSHA 
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Minimum of 5 years experience

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