Competent Person V

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Competent Person V

San Diego, California




Job Description

Five years’ previous work in the field of Safety or a closely related field, equivalent to BAE Grade 9N. Knowledable of Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 29 CFR 1915/ State OSHA regulations. Completed degree or certificate courses in Occupational Health and Safety. Computer experience necessary – Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Excellent communication skills with the ability to speak with large groups and interact with various people at various levels of management. Bilingual not required but preferred. (Spanish) Gas Free Engineer/ Shipyard Competent Person experience required.


Candidate Requirements

  • Conduct Atmospheric testing and space inspections to determine that the area is safe for workers and hot work. 
  • Maintain and ensure calibration of atmospheric testing equipment. 
  • Maintains records of inspections and tests. 
  • Applies gas free work scope process to production needs while ensuring compliance to NFPA 306 and associated regulatory requirements. 
  • Evaluates and coordinates the requirement for Marine Chemist required inspections.
  • Test hollow structures for explosive atmosphere and recommends safe work practices. 
  • Maintain compliance with OSHA 1915 Maritime requirements of Subparts B, C, D and P. 
  • Ability to understand and carry out written or oral information or instructions left by Marine Chemist, Coast Guard authorized persons and Certified Industrial Hygienists; Knowledge of Subparts B, C, D and H of 29 CFR 1915; Ability to calibrate and use testing equipment including but not limited to, oxygen indicators, combustible gas indicators, carbon monoxide indicators, and carbon dioxide indicators, and to interpret accurately the test results of that equipment; 
  • Ability to perform all required tests and inspections which are or may be performed by a competent person as set forth in Subparts B, C, D and H of 29 CFR 1915; Ability to inspect, test, and evaluate spaces to determine the need for further testing by a Marine Chemist or a Certified Industrial Hygienist; and; Ability to maintain records required by 29 CFR 1915.
  • Must possess Shipyard/Ship Repair experience.
  • High School Diploma.
  • Must pass a background check.
  • Must pass a drug screen.

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