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Salisbury, Maryland




Job Description

Employees in this role are responsible for the fabrication and/or assembly of joiner components on marine or commercial vessels.

  • Fabricates, assembles, installs, or repairs wooden furnishings in ships or boats according to blueprints, using hand tools, power tools, and measuring instruments
  • Lays out, cuts, assembles plus installs wooden parts, like deckhouses, doors, sashes, paneling, battery cribs plus refrigerator doors, using woodworking hand tools power tools, scales, square plus calipers
  • Installs hardware gaskets, using hand tools
  • Lays linoleum on deck or ladder treads, using mastic, spreaders, and linoleum-cutting tools
  • Cuts, fits, and installs glass in skylights, cabins, and other parts of ship or boat
  • Molds, bends, and laminates wood to form parts of ship, using steam chambers, clamps, glue, and jigs•Fabricates, assembles, and installs desks, chairs, and cabinets, using woodworking machinery, like jigsaws, planers, jointers, mortisers, and tenoners
  • Shapes irregular parts to fit joins matched grain wood, like oak, mahogany, and teak

Job Requirements:

  • Shipyard: 5 years experience
  • Joiner/Marine Carpenter 5 years experience
  • Must be able to pass pre employment background and drug screen


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