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Mayport, Florida




Job Description

  • Provides Flat File copies of multi-craft, integrated schedules on a pre-determined schedule to the Trades and Production departments, as well as to the customer for advance planning and execution projects.
  • Provides schedule insight during the planning and execution phases of all projects and incorporates changes in work schedule or scope to the overall project.
  • Attends/leads progress meetings on a pre-determined schedule.
  • Produces Gantt, Pert, and manpower charts for submission both internally and externally.
  • Understands delays/impacts to schedule.
  • Follows Condition Found Report/Request for Contract Change (CFR/RCC’s) change management process.
  • Compares submitted progress to actual work completion as seen in production areas and provides feedback to production and trades as to schedule adherence.
  • Provides feedback to production and trades as to possible schedule impacts due to material or RCC delay.
  • Provides schedules to material control to determine material needs by dates.  Analyzes material requirements and impact on the integrated schedule to determine if work can be accomplished.
  • Provides technical guidance to subcontractors for work definition, scheduling, and progressing.
  • Assists Senior Scheduler in problem resolution, and determines difference between base line contract work, change order work and new work.
  • Attends Production Support Review (PSR) and customer meetings as require.

Job Requirements 

  • Must be DBIDs eligible 
  • Must have 3+ years of relevant experience 
  • Must be able to travel internationally 

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