DOD Pipe Coverer

Job Details

DOD Pipe Coverer

Newport News, Virginia




Job Description


  • Three (3) or more years as a marine pipe coverer applying molded pipe sections to various steam pipe systems (i.e., main steam, auxiliary steam, HPD, LPD). Also experienced in applying tempmat and block insulation to components such as turbines, pump, etc.

Required Skills:

  • The ability to install, remove, and repair molded insulation which includes calcium silicate, tempmat, and finishing cement to various size piping systems (i.e., 1x1. 2x1, 3x2, 5x2, 8x3, 10x3, 24x4)
  • High quality workmanship is required (i.e., able to cut proper miters, apply fiberglass cloth over sections smoothly and without excessive glue being trapped, and use care to avoid applying adhesive on adjacent surfaces through the use of masking, drop cloths, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • Needs at least 3 years recent shipyard experience as an Insulator
  • Must pass a pre-employment HFT and Background check 
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Must be okay with any shift
  • Must have an active Clearance 






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