Shipfitter 1st Class (Non-Local)

Job Details

Shipfitter 1st Class (Non-Local)

Jacksonville, Florida




Job Description

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Ability to comprehend instructions, drawings, and general correspondence.
  2. Comprehensive understanding of ship repair terminology and ship compartment location nomenclature.
  3. Be physically and medically capable of wearing all required personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the job as prescribed under OSHA standards. PPE includes hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe shoes, goggles, respirator, safety harness, safety line, flotation gear, etc.).
  4. Ability to write comprehensive Condition Found Reports (CFR) describing the material condition of the ship as it pertains to the assigned work item, and provide recommended corrective action
  5. Ability to effectively confer job related information to the structural supervisor and small groups.
  6. Ability to read and interpret structural drawings (including weld symbols), sketches, specifications, and NavSea standard items and Navy damage control diagrams.
  7. Experience fabricating templates, squaring plates, scribing in structures, and installing perpendiculars on ships in accordance with drawings, specifications, or sketches.
  8. Experience using oxy-acetylene torch for cutting and washing.
  9. Welding experience: SMAW (S-11A) (fillet) FCAW (S-1) (fillet) GMAW (S-25) (fillet).
  10. Experience using hand and power tools safely including but not limited to mauls, grinders, circular and reciprocating saws, and hand and magnetic drill.
  11. Understand the proper use and operation of structural shop fabrication equipment, including shears, punches, and brakes.
  12. Possess a working understanding of the aluminum 5XXX process.
  13. Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals using US customary measurement system.
  14. Possess a working knowledge of, and be able to take measurements using the metric system.
  15. 4 years of related experience.
  16. Must be DBIDS Eligible.
  17. Must have current OSHA and Firewatch certifications.

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