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Mobile, Alabama




Job Description


  • A medical support position in which the individual provides basic first aid services to employees or persons who become ill or injured on the customers facility. 
  • Effectively liaise with the Occupational Nurse, H S & E Manager, Safety representatives and facility supervision regarding the care and treatment of our employees
  • Maintaining best interest standards for both the employee and the company.
  • Provides initial assessment of job-related injuries/illnesses; as needed will perform medical triage.
  • Must demonstrate basic medical knowledge, including taking vital signs, universal precautions, daily follow up care and emergency assessments.
  • Facilitates transportation of employees to consulting medical facilities and local hospitals for evaluation and treatment.
  • Dispenses OTC medications, administers treatments and applies dressings for minor injuries and illnesses.
  • Assist with diagnoses, specialized testing and evaluation of results, assessments of patients presenting symptoms of injury/illness in the Medical Department as well as in shipyard emergency situations.
  • Informs appropriate persons of patient’s condition and progress and maintains appropriate documentation.
  • Assists with designing, developing, and delivering new initiatives on health education/promotion and accident/disease prevention. 
  • Assist with health awareness programs, such as blood pressure screening, smoking cessation, wellness, and related programs.
  • Assist in coordinating blood drives and annual hearing screenings. 
  • Supports and assists employees in health maintenance and achieving health care goals through early recognition.
  • Resource for medical information for employees.
  • Assist in performing pre-employment physicals/drugs screens and random/reasonable suspicion drug/alcohol screens.  Also, performs visions screening and performs and records vital statistics (blood pressure, pulse, weights, height).
  • Assists with training activities related to new hire orientation as relates to blood-borne pathogen and medical reporting policies.
  • Assists in maintaining compliance with medical aspects of OSHA and Corporate standards.
  • Assist in the maintenance and up-keep of Medical Department inventory and maintains control of medications and supplies.
  • Maintains and ensures confidentiality of employee health information and records and maintains HIPPA medical discloser agreements
  • Assist with recording, processing, and maintaining current and accurate medical records for each employee, including maintenance and operation of the medical data information system and electronic medical compliance program.  
  • Complies with daily, weekly, and monthly medical logs maintenance and distributions.  Files of medical records as necessary.




• Current EMT / medical assistant certificate or greater.

• Possess good human relations skills

• Ability to express ideas clearly, both written and verbal

• Ability to make independent basic first aid judgments

• Administrative office duties (typing, filing)



• Ability to use PC - Office Word, Excel,

• Continuing education courses in medical field.


TOOLS: Basic office and medical equipment.

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