Quality Inspector

Job Details

Quality Inspector

Greer, South Carolina




Job Description

Job Duties:

  • Determine the method(s) and process(es) needed to measure part conformance, according to the allowed dimensional tolerances and normal gaging practices.
  • Inspect or perform sorts/reworks on non-conforming and/or suspect material, using measuring and gaging tools and visual techniques in determining conformance to engineering specifications.
  • Document and report non-conformances to specifications using computerized quality documentation system and/or controlled paperwork.
  • Contain non-conforming parts and materials, sorting and reworking non-conforming parts and material when necessary.
  • Complete other duties and/or responsibilities as assigned.
Required Skilles & Competencies:
  • Ability to create/read work instructions
  • Comprehension-level knowledge and ability to interpret engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Comprehension-level knowledge and understanding of inspection techniques, and the selection and manipulation of measuring tools, equipment (including pallet jack and hoist) and gages.
  • Demonstrated understanding of quality systems and inspection methods.
  • Demonstrated multitasking ability, and work effectively without direct supervision.
  • Operating level proficiency in using MS Office Suite and web-based application programs.
  • Demonstrated ability in reprioritizing projects and assigned tasks.
  • Identify, analyze, and remedy quality problems relating to effective line job functions.
  • Demonstrated ability in written and verbal communication.
  • Perform visual inspection of painted surfaces, surfaces, surface defects, cleanliness and packaging.
  • Able to unpack and repackage material safely and as instructed.
  • Record Keeping.

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