Flight Line Technician 2

Job Details

Flight Line Technician 2

Saint Augustine, Florida




Job Description

Position Summary / Responsibilities

  • Performs developmental, experimental and production aircraft maintenance, repair, modification, installation, and testing tasks in a field of specialization; electrical / electronic, mechanical or instrumentation. Instructs, coordinates and performs the duties / functions of Flight Test personnel in area(s) of assignment. 
  • Determines the sequence for installing, removing, maintaining, repairing or fabricating critical aircraft components, or electrical / electronic, mechanical or instrumentation systems. 
  • Performs testing, rework and repair in various fields of specialization. 
  • Applies shop theory and skills in accomplishing assigned tasks working from incomplete engineering, electronic data, blueprints, sketches, engineering drawings, technical orders and written and verbal instructions. 
  • Works from blueprints, engineering orders, schematics, repair manuals and other technical documents on aircraft electrical / electronic, mechanical, plumbing, and hydraulics, power plant, structures or instrumentation systems. 
  • Performs drilling, reaming, fitting, assembly, trimming, riveting, splicing, insulating and other associated duties as assigned. 
  • Performs electrical, mechanical or instrumentation maintenance, repair and testing in support of specific flight test projects. 
  • Constructs, troubleshoots, calibrates, adjusts, tests, and maintains various types of complex aircraft equipment, components, devices or systems. 
  • Performs modifications and adjustments as necessary. 
  • Notifies lead personnel or supervision of any / all malfunctions, defects and damages of equipment, material and product. 
  • Checks work for completeness and accuracy. 
  • Performs Production Accountability duties associated with the processing, verification, quality auditing and inspection of assemblies, parts and tooling for which the individual has been delegated production accountability. 
  • May be required to work in other fields incidental to, and in connection with completion of assignment. 
  • May be required to perform other related duties as assigned.



Basic Qualifications: 

  • High School diploma or equivalent and 2 years additional education and/or related experience


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