Aluminum Welder

Job Details

Aluminum Welder

Chula Vista, California




Job Description

ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to the following:

  • Read and interpret basic drawings and weld symbols.
  • Pass weld test for all company weld procedures in the required positions
  • Ability to work to company welding standards
  • Work to company housekeeping procedure
  • Inspection of work, identification of potential problems, initiation of corrective actions.
  • Increase awareness of quality procedures within department  
  • Perform as a productive working team member that meets daily goals set by the supervisor.
  • Continuously improve communications and flexibility within the team.
  • Help build the team environment.
  • Build pride of workmanship and quality through on job training.
  • Contribute towards innovation / productivity improvements.
  • Assist in the control of waste elimination, e.g. materials, consumables etc.
  • Assist supervisor to maintain control of department equipment and its maintenance.
  • Must have full set of personal tools
  • Work towards the team goal of delivering the vessel on time.
  • Always be ready to start shift on time
  • Follow company guidelines and procedures
  • Do not leave job early or return late from break times
  • Ensure work area is left clean, all equipment and tools are stowed away safely and protected against damage


  • 5+ years of related experience with the most recent 3 years being in a shipyard.
  • Ability to pass “A Class” skills validation test to demonstrate welding ability for restricted open root welds
  • Ability to successfully complete onboarding procedures in preparation to pass weld qualification test requirements to meet contract requirements for A Class Structural Aluminum welding on the vessel


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